Jul ’16 – Comic Con Countdown….

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With the main event very nearly upon us we’re happy to announce the launch of ‘The Collected Evil Wee Comics‘ at this coming weekend’s Glasgow Comic Con. This nifty little A5 book contains a whopping 160 pages, gathering together John Miller‘s Secret Agent: Chronicles of Doom, Super Tales, Atomic Society of Justice #1 and Atomic Society of Justice #2: Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania comics.

Take it from us – Secret Agent, long out of print, is quite possibly the greatest one-shot (underground) comic book ever published, looking and reading like nothing else! In addition Rob Miller and Adam Smith have returned to their mid(dling)-period artistic contributions and suitably beefed up their pages to suit, making for a distinctly unique book and an essential underground comix classic….

Of course, Braw Books will be rolling out their usual red carpet roster of 15 (!) or so sterling titles for sale. Alongside Agent Johnny’s outstanding contribution to Scottish comics – “The ingredients may well seem familiar, but I’ve never encountered a personality quite like Miller’s in all my years of reading comics.” sez The Comics Journal no less! – we also have Dave Alexander, another absolute world class cartoonist, to thank for The Collected MacBam Brothers, 1983 – 2013. It’s like the history of Scottish underground comic goodness that actually delivers!

With supersubs Shug ’90 and Rob Miller on the bench it’s sure to be a great weekend. Keep yir eyes peeled for our towering ‘spacewoman’ – a beacon of insanity in (what could very well be) a sea of crappy fan art….

Comics made to last! Comics with soul….

May ’16 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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Excellent expedition to Ice Station on Tuesday, Agent Johnny on encouragingly good form. Agent Rob arrived at ‘high noon’ laden with books ‘n’ shoapin’ just in time fer The Invaders – a corker of an episode starring Jack Lord (Hawaii Five-0), Alfred Ryder (a familiar face from Star Trek‘s ‘The Man Trap’) and Diana Hyland as a ‘luminous’ 70’s styled beezom. Of course the swill wiz immediately cranked open in honour of the ‘one-eyed god’ as our Agents settled down fascinated, quietly chuntering about the intriguin’ plot points durin’ the adverts….

No sooner had Dominic Frontiere‘s classic theme ended and it was time ter skip to Channel 1-5 fer 20 Million Miles to Earth, a fillum highly recommended by ‘Our Man in Pester Wails’ himself only last week. After this absorbing spectacle had concluded there was a slight ‘academic exercise’ involving the repair of the ‘rekkid player’ (to no avail) as well as some swellheaded back and forth as regards the newly delivered dummy of The Collected Evil Wee Comics, of which there’ll be more news soon. Agent Rob fired up his wee ‘music box’ in the interim, as the pair noshed some grub, countin’ down the minutes until Escape to Athena, starring Roger Moore, started. At this juncture it wiz then time fer a parting of the ways, Agent Rob headin’ into town to catch up Agent Austin before the trip back to Glasgog….

Sights: The Invaders, ‘Vikor’ and 20 Million Miles To Earth

Sounds: selections from Memory Span by The Lines & Is The Is Are by DIIV


Mar ’16 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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Long overdue visit to Ice Station Zebra yesterday, as Agent Rob and Agent Smith braved the arctic conditions – thankfully the mornin’ frost wiz really only restricted to the Glasgog area – ter visit Agent Johnny in Pester Wails. In fact, a jolly good time wiz had by all; Agent Johnny wiz on top form, seemingly not phazed be bein’ interrupted durin’ the dramatic (and distinctly painful head-stoved-in) climax to ‘Fillum 4’s The Black Arrow – perhaps our Agents draggin’ and crackin’ open the swill helped! The second half of The Avengers ‘Thingumajig’ episode followed before, at Agent Smith‘s request, the dial was turned to ‘The Horror Channel’ fer that day’s Doctor Who omnibus, ‘Frontios’ (a sight unseen prior by Smith). Exswillsior!

Amidst all this worshippin’ of ‘The One-Eyed God’ – eventually common sense prevailed and Wonder Woman wiz switched off after the openin’ titles – ye’d think there’d be no time fer Evil Wee Comics and Braw Books business, but…. For all the contented chuntering – Agent Johnny’s startlin’ recollections of Out of the Unknown bein’ a particular highlight – there wiz still plenty opportunity ter discuss Tales of Unearthly Science Fiction – the cover, promising appearances by Steve Mason & Olgur Zen, Sheriff Jed Hale and Una Kennedy continues apace – and one actual written story, Rebirth Anew, wiz handed over fer ‘editorial scrutiny’….

Soon enough it wiz time ter hit the road, Agent Smith taking the train back to Glasgog while Agent Rob took the bus beyond to visit Agent Austin and Irish Rob at Deadhead Comics, newly relocated across Nicolson Street into number 47, occupying the cosy former home of Tribe Tattoo and Piercing….

Jan ’16 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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A decidedly happy New Year visit to Ice Station on Thor’sday of this week, Agent Johnny once again on tip top form. Contented chuntering (and stewing) was the order of the day, and the Omen II, Metropolis, and Ben Macintyre’s Double Cross were discussed at length in ‘Ze Smoking Room’. After another quick Freeview install The Horror Channel was returned to it’s rightful place on Channel Seven-Oh, Our Man in Pester Whailes managing to resist settling down in front of a ‘just started’ episode of The Avengers enough to fire up the rekkid player for a bout of Bob Dylan instead….


With his wits more about him this visit Agent Rob made no mistake and duly successfully delivered his books to the Legal Deposit Library in Causewayside St, popping in to Deadhead Comics – where Agent Austin was reeling from a(n admittedly five*) one* review on Google – fer a quick New Year’s drink on the way….

Sounds: Desire and Street Legal by Bob Dylan: On the Air 7″ by The Lines….

Sep ’15 – A Chronicle of Doom: Khaki Shorted!

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Spacewoman, Agent Rob, Agent Johnny….

And so it came to pass…. That’s right, Saturday saw the successful launch of The Khollected Khaki Shorts on home turf (namely the “Notecave” basement at the 13th Note Cafe/Bar).

100% proof….

At least 75% of the artists who contributed (certainly, all the core regulars from Neil Bratchpiece, Iain D. Smith, Martin Smith to Cheesemonster and Tolywoly) were in attendance, with Agent Johnny making a surprise trip (of sorts) from Edinburgh to Glasgog fer the party….

Stack ’em up, sell ’em on….

Timed to coincide with Adam J. Smith‘s birthday the event wiz soon ‘bustlin’ as the psychedelic soundtrack (from the likes of Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, Klan and Loveproduced the expected “Blastor!” results. ‘Our Man from Pester Whailes’ wiz soon groovin’ in the atom heart!

The greatest Scots. Frank Quitely (YEP!) and Agent Johnny co-exist on the same plane! 

As the afternoon wore on (and the tunes just got longer and longer) things slowly settled into a contented swill, with the occasional sale providing a necessary boost to the proceedings (in between lengthy guitar solos from the likes of The Grateful Dead, Traffic and Aguaturbia)….

Do not be deceived! Agent Johnny is the one out of focus here….

And before we knew it “We Love You” by The Psychedelic Furs fair lowped from the speakers, signalling the end (more or less) of the afternoon’s delights. 3 hours that had long loomed on the horizon were now but a distant past….

Survivors of the assault on Glasgog rest up, safely back at Hope St. Towers

So thanks to those who came, who saw, and who khakied! Of course, big up the 13th Note for being able to cope with all our Diva-ish demands – cartoonists, eh? What a better way to finish than this….

An image NEVER to be found in Khaki Shorts….

Aug ’15 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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Unexpected detour to Edinburgh on Wodinsday as Agent Rob took a last-minute decision (helped somewhat by Agent Johnny phoning through and urging him) to attend the Shoreline to Infinity evening event at Deadhead Comics. Quite a large gathering were present to witness Painted Ocean, Sue Gyford and Andrew J. Wilson (our esteemed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D) provide a variety of sci-fi themed entertainment (during which a few beers were drunk in honour of Deadhead’s 25th birthday). After a brief chat with Irish Rob and Braw Books cohort Dave Alexander all that was left to do was to see ‘Our Man in Pester Whailes’ safely to the bus stop before jumping on the train back through to Glasgog….

Aug ’15 – Launching The Khollected Khaki Shorts….

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2 weeks and counting (down) to the Khollected Khaki Shorts “funderground” launch right here in Glasgog. All are welcome to join us in the 13th Note Cafe/Bar basement (that makes sense, right?) on Saturday 5th September from 2-5pm to hang out with the likes of Adam J. Smith and (fingers crossed) John G. Miller. It’s real, cos The List says so. Quite sure there’ll be a little bit of that and a quite little bit of this too….

Aug ’15 – It’s alive…!

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Yep, the eagles have finally landed and The Khollected Khaki Shorts, Gently Does it…: The Collected Rob Miller, The Atomic Society of Justice #2: Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania and Drewer have all arrived at Braw HQ! All orders can be placed but a click away here….

Jun ’15 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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Agents Rob and Adam certainly didn’t expect their early morning cuppa (as they poured swellheadedly over the recently arrived Khollected Khaki Shorts books) to be interrupted by the news that Agent Johnny had descended upon Hope Street Studios in Glasgore. One quick walk into town later and the creative team behind Evil Wee Comics were assembled, settling down to a spot of lunch (as they poured swellheadedly over the recently arrived Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania books). Tales of Unearthly Science Fiction, which looks set to be the team’s next venture, was discussed in depth, Agent Johnny confessing that his proposed short story contributions (Shunker 5 and The Deep Fix) werenae up to much. It wasn’t long before we were all ‘sent home to think again’, Our Man in Pester Wails bound for the Plaza in order to sort out some business….

Jun ’15 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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It’s done! It’s all over! Kaput! Finished! Nope, we’re not talking about Agent Rob‘s drawing, er, career (both definitions apply here, we reckon), but The Atomic Society of Justice #2: Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania! Agent Johnny (willingly) handed over the final 3 completed pages to Rob yesterday afternoon – certainly made for a smooth visit to Ice Station Zebra with no ‘brainstorms’ to derail proceedings. So as of this morning it’s been production all the way as the art is scanned and prepped for print. Don’t doubt this book’ll be ready for the Glasgow Comic Con in 2 weeks time….


And so, basking in the glory of a job well done, our 2 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D settled down to a small swill, discussing everything and anything that came to hand in ‘ze smoking room’. The Sanctum Press reprints of Maxwell Grant’s The Shadow, Spaceship Away (New Dan Dare Adventures) and Kaleidoscope magazine were all on topic while a ‘rekkid’ played quietly in the background. Inevitably, silence fell as the telly-visor was fired up for The Horror Channel‘s screening of a classic Pertwee-era Doctor Who. Both Agents remarked on the unusually powerful and downbeat ending, the guid Doctor driving off in Bessie as Jo Grant celebrated her engagement….

Sounds: I Crudeli/The Hellbenders Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone….

Visions: Doctor Who: The Green Death, episodes 5 & 6