So what exactly is a ‘Braw Book’? Our intention is quite simple – to gather together the creative output of various seasoned Scottish underground comic artists into one place, a lasting testament and reward for their years of dedication, skill and application, and a vital record and starting place for the (in)experienced reader…. or the simply curious….

Time to trawl the net….

Please use the contact form provided – limited copies of these titles are occasionally unearthed at the bottom of boxes or found lurking at the back of drawers. Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to dig one out….


The John G. Miller Scrapbook

5.99 GBP inc. shipping, A5 format, 90 pages, b/w interiors throughout.

Suggested for mature readers.

Culled from John Miller’s cult ‘S.H.I.E.L.D leaflets’ – which often offered a supremely surreal take on current events and films – this eclectic scrapbook offers a unique insight into both his creative process and myriad influences from 2003-2010. Also features previously unpublished pin-ups, poster art and record covers from throughout his long and varied cartooning career. An essential companion to further understanding his comic work.

“….a must-have contribution to understanding the thoroughly unique and amazing world of John Miller. Highly recommended.” – John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)




3.50 GBP inc. shipping, 28 pages, US Comic format, BW interiors.

Suggested for mature readers.


They say you should never return to the scene of a (war) crime. Drewer lives and works in his. This #0 sampler issue sees Rob Miller stretching his artistic legs into the (off) world of (adult) comics to bring us 3 short tales set in a deathly, decaying, depressing dystopia. There we will meet Drewer, our anti-hero of few words, encounter Frai and Ono, his associates, glimpse Helmut and take a trip to the remains of the city of Morg….




New British Comics was conceived by Karol Wisniewski, his plan being to gather together a selection of prime UK talent to produce some, well, new British comics which he would then translate into both languages and publish simultaneously, giving rise to the slogan, ‘two languages, two editions, one contents’.


New British Comics #1

(4.00 GBP inc. shipping, approx. B5 format, 84 pages, B/W interiors)

With its striking cover by Tim Rees, NBC#1 is the ‘big bang’ that started it all, featuring strips by Dave Thomson, Leonie O’Moore, Daniel Locke, Malcy Duff, Tom Walsh, Tony Hitchman, Caroline Parkinson, Jaroslaw Zielinski and more….



New British Comics #2

(4.50 GBP inc. shipping, approx. B5 format, 84 pages, B/W interiors)

With a stunning painted cover by Nelson Evergreen, NBC#2 features strips by Dan White, Dave Thomson, Paweł Gierczak, David Hailwood, Tony Suleri, Maddku, Jacek Zabawa, Frank Lamour, Jon Edwards, Tony Hitchman, Lawrence Elwick, Paul O’Connell, Leonie O’Moore, Iain Laurie, Craig Collins and more….

Glasgow and Edinburgh’s The List described it as “consistent in quality and once again showcases some emerging British artists and writers” and that “on the whole this is strong and varied work”.



New British Comics #3

(4.50 GBP inc. shipping, approx. B5 format, 80 pages, B/W interiors)

This time round it’s the super-chilled Lawrence Elwick on cover duties with strips by Dan White, Lawrence Elwick & Paul O’Connell, John Miers, Matthew Craig & Richard Johnson, Dave Thomson, Iain Laurie, Wilbur Dawbarn, Van Nim, David Ziggy Greene and more….



Constantine Comes Back Home

(2.50 GBP inc. shipping, approx. B5 format, 24 pages, b/w interiors)

A “Best of” collection springs from the eponymous webcomic created by Katarzyna “Miss N.” Witerscheim, spanning from 2005-2009.

The story, a series of loosely linked episodes, concerns the everyday adventures of the main character and the people he meets in his life, comprising tales that are a bit naive, a little sad, but full of hope nonetheless.