It’s just another Electric Manday….

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Not so long ago (2011), in a galaxy not so far away (Edinburgh), Production Brawbot Rob Miller helped out by drawing a few covers for the self-funded Electric Man movie, each image trying to capture something of the feel of the decades that particular comic was supposed to have been published.

Now that the film’s available on DVD everyone can enjoy this “wonderfully twisty-turny comic caper, made and played with warmth, wit and genuine affection” (c/o Frank Quitely) at home, the eagle-eyed amongst you perhaps wanting to look out for (artistic) cameos by Curt Sibling, Graham Manley, Alex Ronald, Team Girl Comic, our very own John Miller and more…. Only a tiny handful of Rob’s covers were glimpsed in the film (much like the artist himself, but that’s understandable as he’s camera shy and the bulk of them were drawn during and after production), so treat this as something of an exclusive premiere, several having never seen the light of day….

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