Aug ’18 – Nine From The Vault – The Dog Who…

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After the runaway (from) success of The Campbelton Bogle it seemed the next logical step for Agent Rob was to become quickly embroiled in another long (but quickly) drawn out attempt to bring a children’s book (by a different writer) to published life….

I think the only real change was (at the writer’s request) trying to break away from my default ‘hooded brow’ look and adjusting the dog’s nose. Again, like The Bogle, these pages are scanned from tight pencils, contrasted and then digitally coloured – looks like I was aiming for (and widely missing) a crude felt tip pen effect here. Well, I guess I got the ‘crude’ part bang on target, um….

Unfortunately The Dog Who didn’t even make it to (self-)print and only these pages were finished(-ish) for the author’s proposed publisher punting. The resounding silence that followed can only mean it stands rooted, waiting patiently at the gates to development hell….

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