So what exactly is a ‘Braw Book’? Our intention is quite simple – to gather together the creative output of various seasoned Scottish underground comic artists into one place, a lasting testament and reward for their years of dedication, skill and application, and a vital record and starting place for the (in)experienced reader…. or the simply curious….

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Life in the Buckfast Lane – NEW!

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 landscape format, 130 pages, b/w interiors throughout.

It’s as blackly comic and as beautifully bleak as they come…. Why it can only be Life in the Buckfast Lane, the b*stard offspring of Braw!‘s Luvvable ‘lex. Going deeper than Still Game and darker than Limmy, this 130 page collection gathers together the complete saga, all 200+ strips of Rob Miller’s weekly and weekend edition webcomic. Featuring a cast of colourful characters (with language to match!) this is an expertly rendered and typically bleary-eyed trip into the ‘by any means’ city, showing a side of Glasgow no one wants you to see…. but everyone knows is there!

“….a biting antidote to newspaper strips where the final panel punchline is a gasp of disbelief at the supermarket running out of asparagus, yet the injustice feeding most of the content applies equally to a lack of recognition for the work. In a righteous world his strips would be available to a wide audience….” – The Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


Unearthly Science Fiction – NEW!

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 80 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


Prepare to receive an unprecedently high frequency level of sci-fi mastery….

Underground maestro and comics mastermind John G. Miller finally launches (t)his new one-shot SF anthology featuring startling short stories and cosmic comic strips from Andrew J. Wilson, Ian Wark, Malcy Duff, John Rafferty, Simnel and Adam J. Smith! With striking space illustrations throughout by Neil Beattie and Rob Miller.

….and glimpse beyond the Diamond Hard Apples of the Moon!


“…a funny and innovative stab at the genre. …a likeably enigmatic quality to much of the fiction. …an intelligent and irreverent glimpse into how humanity may grapple and grope its way onwards.” – The Future Fire

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for teen+


The Collected Evil Wee Comics

9.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 160 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


This bumper collection under the Evil Wee Comics imprint gathers together underground veteran John Miller‘s one-shots, comprising the essential Secret Agent: Chronicles of Doom – quite possibly the greatest outsider/underground comic ever published – the sensational sequel Super Tales and the wham-bam one-two of the Atomic Society of Justice issue 1 & issue 2 (subtitled Evil Hollywood Over Subterrania) – itself quite possibly the greatest outsider/underground superhero comic ever published! Utterly unique! From underground powerhouse John G. Miller, this comic sees him once again reunited with regular collaborators Rob Miller and Adam J. Smith….


“Scottish cartoonist John Miller is one of the most idiosyncratic and original artists of the underground comix scene…. Pure genius.” – John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)

” (John) Miller’s own intensely stylised pages certainly look good…. Rob Miller’s art is more traditional, but the words lend a strange, psychedelic, distinctly Scottish air to the whole strip.” – The List (Atomic Society of Justice no. 1)

“….the adventures of Munro the Crow, Bazler’s Heroes and Jim Cranston are rich on visual reference…. It’s not clever, but it is a giggle, and it all looks great…. Some impressive uses of colloquial swearing too, that rarely fails to raise a smile.” – The List (Secret Agent: Chronicles of Doom)

9.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Khollected Khaki Shorts

9.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 216 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


At last! Rob Miller and Adam Smith proudly present a definitive ‘best of’ the 28 issues of Khaki Shorts, the long running Glasgow underground humour comic/zine. This is where it all started (and in most cases, er, more or less finished) for the likes of Boy Mindless, Sad Lad, Star Trudge, Lads TogetherApocalypse Now & Then, Elexender Browne, Jimmy Hendrix, Lads Together, Night Bus Tales, Men Out of Time, A Cartoonist and His Cat and a whole host of others. Featuring strips by Tolywoly, Neil Bratchpiece, Martin Smith, John Miller, Larned Justin, Shug ’90, Noah Van Sciver and Iain D. Smith….


“….Khaki Shorts has churned out some absolutely quality material over the last decade….” – Big Comic Page

“…220 pages of this sort of stuff for the price of sixty-six tins of Aldi’s own rice pudding. Can’t say fairer than that, can you?” – Two Headed Thingies

“….silly, irreverent and immature in the best possible way. It’s also incredibly funny….” – Shelf Abuse

“This collection offers plenty to enjoy from the world of contemporary underground comics….” – Down The Tubes

“…I do recommend this and it’s good for a laugh and solid grass roots Small Press.” – Comic Bits Online

9.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected Braw! “Funderground comic book”

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 92 pages, A5 format, b/w interiors throughout.

This is it! The final work from Rob Miller, comprising an extended cut of his one-shot Braw! comic and featuring pages of new material and illustrations. Expect the usual uncomfortable laughs with extra helpings of Luvvable ‘lex and distended dirty doings with Big Moff…. From then on it’s a run-in of Rob’s usual social commentary, bleak and blackly humourous as you (don’t) like, featuring DominoesMandi DingoThe Ballad of Peely Wally and others….

“Miller is a superb satirist who skewers everything from the colourful denizens of Glasgow to celebrities….  The laughs are woven into the narrative in local dialects, disarming the reader in a combination of good writing and excellent cartooning…. very much a product of Scotland: tough exterior but surprising kindness. That kindness isn’t something you see in comix and it sets Miller apart.” – The Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Headventures of Kounter Kultyur Kevn

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 80 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


Freshly smoked from Rob Miller, via the pages of Khaki Shorts (remember that, huh?), comes this all new, far out, fantabulous, fuzzy, full-length ‘headventure’ featuring good ol’ Kevn and introducing the rest of ‘The Beautifully Baked Bud Bros‘ kru: Zig, Flunch, ‘erb and…? Heck, Uncle Sam’s just pressed the ‘legalize’ button across the ‘Altered States of America’ and not before time…. As to what happens when Kevn finally hits the street corner, well, let’s just say you’ll be sure to dig it, y’knowhattamsayin’?

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected Rob Miller

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 128 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


Continuing where The Khollected Khaki Shorts left off, this bumper book gathers together all Rob Miller‘s strips featuring his best loved (well, in truth, only) characters. From the deepening despair of Dour Wullie to the crappy crusading of Redtop, thru the cronic chinwags of Kounter Kultyur Kevn to the bleak batterings of Briggsy and loutish liggings of Luvvable ‘lex. Also includes unpublished and revised strips, Khaki Shorts cover and ‘Khreditorial’ gallery….

SICBA nominated, Best Artist (Luvvable ‘lex), 2012

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected Star Trudge

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 80 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


Yep, at long last the wait is over for Rob Miller‘s hotly non-anticipated ‘Seasons 1-5 exclusive special collector’s limited edition edition!’, containing all of the previously available Star Trudge: Extrafranchise episodes together with recently unearthed cast stills, 2 comprehensive biographies and 12 new pages of never before seen footage of Mace Williams (Captain Reddy Meel) at his most startlingly honest and entertaining!

SICBA nominated, Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel / Best Cover, 2012

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for teen+


The Collected Elexender Browne

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), A5 format, 88 pages, b/w interiors throughout.


A classic case of not judging a book by its cover, as Elexender Browne‘s ‘Edventures’ are collected in their magically realistic entirety: from the early self-contained short stories to the sprawling, erratic, Khaki Shorts serialised ‘ewwpic’! Complete with 6 new pages of previously unpublished punishingly unentertaining material by Rob Miller.

SICBA nominated, Best Cover, 2012

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for teen+


The Campbeltown Bogle

5.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 32 pages, Oversize format, Color interiors.


In the Campbeltown hills on a cosy old farm there once was a story of terrifying charm.The tale in this book will very soon feature a grumpy old farmer and a big hairy creature! This rhyme will amuse; it might even scare so open this book and read on if you dare!

Rob Miller teams up with writer Ian Wark for a ‘Highland Hairy Tale‘ storybook suitable for children of all ages!

5.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suitable for all ages.