So what exactly is a ‘Braw Book’? Our intention is quite simple – to gather together the creative output of various seasoned Scottish underground comic artists into one place, a lasting testament and reward for their years of dedication, skill and application, and a vital record and starting place for the (in)experienced reader…. or the simply curious….

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The Collected John G. Miller, 1980-1989

11.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 118 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.

This collection of John Miller‘s earliest decade’s work is a thing to behold, featuring many strips published for the first time in years, and accompanied by a new cover specially created for this volume. Here he initially displays a more serious side, the artwork and stories longer, more complex and intense, but never less bold or fiercely intelligent than his later output. As the decade wears on his style slowly opens up, the pieces shortening, the message artfully balanced with the consistent and surprising offbeat humour.


“…the visual energy that sparks off the page is remarkable… These visuals create near-hallucinogenic sensations in the reader.” “…far-out and mind-blowing content.” – Ed Pinsent (Fast Fiction, Windy Wilberforce)

“…If you are interested in the history of the sub-underground, these volumes are indispensable.” – John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)

11.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected John G. Miller, 1990-1999

11.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 164 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.

Formidable Scot’s underground comic and outsider artist, John Miller has been producing his unique work for the past 30 years, contributing to dozens of fanzines and small press here and abroad. This collection draws together his output from the ’90s, gathering all his work into one, striking volume. Therein you will experience an astonishing range comics work, from funny shorts to scathing commentaries to surprisingly honest, tender pieces, reinforcing just why this creator is held in high regards amongst his contemporaries.


“The ingredients may well seem familiar, but I’ve never encountered a personality quite like Miller’s in all my years of reading comics.” – The Comics Journal

“Within these pages are some of the most original, inventive and urgent comics that have been set to print.” – Graphic Eye

“Readers of Philip K. Dick will appreciate this and have hours of fun with these dimension-switching experiences.” – Ed Pinsent (Fast Fiction, Windy Wilberforce)

“…a revelatory collection from one of the lesser known, but most unusual underground cartoonists of our time.” – John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)

11.99 GBP – BUY(opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected John G. Miller, 2000-2011

11.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 156 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.

This third and final (for now!) collection of John Miller‘s work brings us bang up to date, the work here thoroughly evolved, often bombarding the reader with searing art, such is the attack on the senses the raw imagery provokes! We’re deep into space comics and secret agent territory here, the playfulness of Ghosty and Captain Zappa giving way to a slightly darker and harder feel, some strips verging on the uncomfortable – at times one can only imagine the inner turmoil that prompted the putting of pen to paper – but never less than fascinatingly so.


“…honestly, I thank God these books exist. Highly recommended.” – John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics)

11.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.





The Collected MacBam Brothers, 1982-2012

11.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 166 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.

Dave Alexander has been working in the Glasgow comic scene for 30 years, and was instrumental in co-creating not only the influential early 90’s adult humour comic Electric Soup, but also the Scottish underground title that followed, the dope-themed Northern Lightz. This long-awaited and suitably hefty (and historic!) collection gathers together all the strips featuring his most enduring creations, The MacBam Bros, from their humble half-page origins in the 80’s to their truly epic Euro Dismal saga and beyond, illustrating (thanks to its quite beautiful illustration) just why the man they call “Zander” is so revered and respected.


“For those whose sense of humour can accept crudity, most of the MacBams is hilarious. …It’s to be prized.” – The Slings & Arrows: Graphic Novel Guide

“…a truly remarkable book showcasing the recent (2012) SICBA award winner for outstanding achievement’s most enduring legacy. A real gem.” – Talk Comix

SICBA award winner, Outstanding Contribution to Comics Award, 2012

11.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Collected Shug ’90

7.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 108 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.

Shug 90

Shug ’90 (Hugh McKenna) has been working in the Glasgow comic scene for the past 20 years, and is best known for his contributions to Electric Soup magazine, his most famous and enduring creations being Polis Story and The Wildebeests. This collection includes all these strips (and everything in between) right up to his present day work for the small press title Khaki Shorts. In addition Hugh’s raided his sketchbook to treat us to his earliest efforts, allowing the reader to enjoy 20 or so pages of previously unseen material and ideas.

7.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.


The Big Book of Pudsy

11.99 GBP (excl. shipping/VAT), 204 pages, A4 format, b/w interiors throughout.


This long overdue collection from the pen of the late Patrick “Pudsy” Morris – the fondly remembered adopted son of the Glasgow underground comic scene – contains strips ranging from his early underground work (for International Times, Oz, COzmic & Nasty Tales) right through his commercial cartooning and caricatures period to his final burst of frenetic drawings for the deliciously dopey Northern Lightz, the comic he helped found. Jumble it all together, add some unseen extras, and it makes for a weird, wired and wonderful trip!

11.99 GBP – BUY (opens Lulu in new tab) Suggested for mature readers.