Jan ’18 – A Chronicle Of Doom….

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Long ‘overNeu Year’s visit to Ice Station Zebra on Monday, Agents Rob and Johnny dodgin’ the January ‘blooze’ – likely helped by the fact that neither has done a one-eyed-god damn’s worth of ‘comic drawin’ in the ‘winterim’ since their last meeting – by easin’ themselves gently into 2017’s first official ‘View To A Swill’….

It was contented chunterin’ all the way, ‘Our Man In Pester Wails’ takin’ great pride in showin’ off his recent Spaceship Away/Dan DareThe Big City Caper (controversial?) issue and a few other ‘oversize colour reprints’, includin’ Brett MillionThe Angry Planet and Wrath Of The GodsThe Bow Of Delos (by Michael Moorcock and Ron Embleton)….

The latter especially, with its simply gorgeous fully painted artwork, harks back to a far superior era of ‘comic illustration’ that it’s quite clear will never be seen again (aside from in loving reproductions such as these). It’s fair to say a good amount of time was spent staring in wonder at these vintage masterworks, Agent Rob scrambling to pick his jaw up from the floor….

Then, Grateful Dead playing quietly in the corner – well, until the startling, rousing guitars of Turn On Your Lovelight (slowly filtering in from 10:30 in the video below) scorched a path across the room! – it was time to discuss the epic, explosive ‘grande finales’ to both Tobruk and Escape To Athena as well as the Hammer Film Productions of Kiss Of The Vampire and The Plague Of The Zombies and obviously Philip K. Dick‘s The Game-Players Of TitanClans Of The Alphane Moon and A Scanner Darkly (“….it’s very well written….”)….

Sounds: Two From The Vault by Grateful DeadBlows Against The Empire by Paul Kantner, Grace Slick et al and Cool Snap and Nerve Pylon by The Lines….

Grateful Dead – Turn On Your Lovelight 24/08/1968

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