Nov ’17 – A Chronicle Of Doom….

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We’re off to see the wizard, the wizard of Wester Hailes! A much more magical visit to Ice Station Zebra to see Agent Johnny this month, Agent Rob cheered to find his auld pal looking far more fighting fit! As such it wiz straight down to the business with The Sweeney – featuring future, er, ‘Brush Stroker’ Karl Howman – getting things off to a flying (squad) start….

Next up our Men In Pester Wailes stayed tuned fer the ‘Stay Tuned‘ episode of The Avengers, notable fer featuring both Roger Delgado (Dr Who‘s The Master) and Kate O’Mara (Dr Who‘s The Rani) in supporting roles. Ironside, featuring a low-key turn from George Kennedy, then really upped the ante with it’s decidedly downbeat and leery ‘Priest-Killer‘ episode….

Unable to stomach the grim pulpit drama any longer – or maybe that wiz just the ‘Motherwell Odeon-style’ hot dogs Agent Johnny whipped up! – the channel wiz soon changed from Ironside ‘fer to catch’ the end of The Guns Of Fort Petticoat (1957) and thus making sure to catch the start of Dakota (1945) with John The Duke” Wayne on early comedic form….

There was much contented chuntering throughout, E. E. “Doc” SmithPhilip K. Dick and John Brunner’s ‘Stand On Zanzibar’ – “Oh, flip! Havnae seen one of those in a while!” – coming under close scrutiny, but Agent Johnny showing off a near-pencilled cover for the ‘Paranoiac‘ comic he’s ‘dreamed up’ wiz the paraticular highlight….

Visions: The Sweeney, The Avengers, Ironside, The Guns Of Fort Petticoat, Dakota.

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