Sep ’17 – A Chronicle Of Doom….

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Yet another bon voyage of Agent Rob‘s ‘fer ter visit’ Agent Johnny at Ice Station Zebra on ‘Thor’sday’ of this week. This well coordinated exercise – postponed from last week and honed by years of secret agent training – allowed our two ‘men in Pester Wails’ to settle down in very good time ‘fer to watch’ the exceedingly leery The Masque Of The Red Death on The Horror Channel. Indeed, this followed a failed attempt to retune the ‘one-eyed-god’ to find Talking Pictures TV and a brief interlude of Bob Dylan live in 1966, the swill soon cranked open to smooth over the cracks, the cheese rolls munched, the outside world quickly forgotten by those it’s forsaken….

As soon as Vincent Price had laughed his last laugh Agent Johnny was suddenly (swill?) inspired to give a reading – yep, a reading! – of Edgar Allan Poe‘s original The Masque Of The Red Death short story. And so, like any good kiddie-winkie, Agent Rob – opting against sitting cross-legged on the floor to complete the picture – listened as Our Man In Pester Wails growled (mumbled, snuffled, coughed and hacked) his way atmospherically through the 7 pages of this twisted tale. Fillums and television – You Only Live TwiceThe GauntletVoyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and, of course, The Invaders – then occupied the rest of the afternoon’s contented chuntering before the ‘great white bus’ into town beckoned and where, in Deadhead Comics, Agent Rob picked up Wakeling, the newie by Braw Books favourite Magda Boreysza….

SoundsLive 1966, “The Royal Albert Hall Concert” by Bob Dylan: A Saucerful Of Secrets by Pink Floyd: Sea Within A Sea by The Horrors and Nerve Pylon by The Lines (the grande finale!)….

VisionsThe Masque Of The Red Death (1964)

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