Oct ’16 – A Chronicle Of Doom….

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Hail Woden’sday! For it was then that Agent Rob descended on a very tidy Ice Station Zebra, soldiering gamely on thru Agent Johnny‘s somewhat frosty reception, banishing the silent treatment by softening him up with swill…. It was S.H.I.E.L.D business as usual – one repair of the ‘rekkid player’ (it’s now decidedly defunct but coupled with a new-ish amp the tape machine struggles ever on) and several audio tapes (and their accompanying ‘electronic pulses’) later it wiz time to gather round the ‘One-eyed-god’ fer to watch ‘The Invaders’. Quite a corkin’ series 2 episode this, ‘The Life Seekers’….

A large chunk of the conversation was (understandably) given over to the (soon-to-be-announced) ‘Unearthly Science Fiction‘ anthology, the dummy having been submitted to Agent Johnny ‘fer approval’ last ‘Saturnday’. With only a few minor suggestions from Our Man in Pester Wails it wiz then time to hit the road and head fer Deadhead Comics ter grab a quick beer with Agent Austin before the return to Glasgog beckoned….

Sights: The Invaders, ‘The Life Seekers’

Sounds: Some Friendly (109 pt.2, Polar Bear & Believe You Me) by The Charlatans: A Saucerful Of Secrets by Pink Floyd: New World’s Fair by Micheal Moorcock & The Deep Fix: Flying Doesn’t Help by Anthony More….

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