Aug ’16 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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Just in time to see what the butler saw on Wodin’sday! Yep, Agent Rob pitched up at Ice Station on the dot at ‘high noon’ just as The Avengers was starting on True Entertainment – which maybe explains Agent Johnny’s initial, somewhat disgruntled, ‘wall of silence’ greeting – but quickly settled down in ‘ze smoking room’ to enjoy a steady swill in the presence of its superb sixties silliness. Our Man in Pester Wails did cheer up a bit when presented with his Agent X4 & The Deep Fix manuscript fer checking over….

As soon this was concluded Agent Rob was then tasked with hunting fer a suitable fillum ter, um, fill the afternoon’s viewing. And so it was that Movies4Men were screening the Howard Hawks 1952 Western, The Big Sky (quite the epic adventure up the Missouri River!). Still, it allowed fer ‘the big swill’ to continue with plenty of time fer blethering during the adverts….

‘The big news’ is obviously that the cover fer Unearthly Science Fiction is now finished and safely back in Glasgog to undergo ‘brawduction duties’ fer printing. Still a fair bit to go with this much-mooted anthology, so don’t expect any previews until such a time as it’s definitely heading fer the press. Better still, pencillin’ has begun on the final page of Agent of S.M.E.R.S.H…! This revelation prompted much discussion on the bus into town, destination Deadhead….

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