July ’16 – A Chronicle of Doom….

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A (safe) cracking – if somewhat very last-minute – expedition to Ice Station on Wodin’sday to see Agent Johnny. When Agent Rob pitched up at ‘high noon’ ‘Our Man in Pester Wails’ was already settlin’ doon to the day’s episode of The Avengers (an interestin’ tale, ‘Homicide and Old Lace’, penned by Dr. Who stalwarts Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks and overseen by Terry Nation). The swill was duly ‘cranked’ open and, before things got too ‘bonga bonga’, a new stylus wiz fitted to the (currently defunct) ‘rekkid playa’. Amazing what ye can do with a bit of Blu-Tack when all else fails….

And so it fell to the ‘music box’ to keep things swingin’ as our Agents chuntered contentedly about the recent Glasgow Comic Con as well as the proposed Unearthly Science Fiction and Agent of SMERSH projects (neither of which is any nearer to actual completion – maybe they’ll be ready for next year?). Then, just as the batteries went ‘dud’, it was suddenly time fer Agent Rob to head on into Deadhead Comics to see Agent Austin – admittedly in no’ bad shape for a man who’s evidently been ‘giving his all’ to support Wales in their epic Euro 2016 run. Hard to imagine the state he must have found himself in on Thor’sday morning tho….

Sights: The Avengers, ‘Homicide and Old Lace’

Sounds: Memory Span by The Lines: Two From The Vault by Grateful Dead….

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