So what is a 'A Braw Book'? Our intention is quite simple - to gather together the output of various seasoned Scottish cartoonists into one place, a lasting testament and reward for their years of dedication, skill and application, and a vital record and starting place for the (in)experienced reader (or the simply curious).

It’s been quite a journey these past few years since we decided it was high time someone took the work of Hugh “Shug ’90” McKenna and collected it into a single volume. Of course, we didn’t stop there, leaving no stone (and, well, sock, newspaper or rubbish bag) unturned to bring you 3 utterly comprehensive collections of John G. Miller‘s life’s work (thus far!). Add to that roster one of Glasgow’s most respected comic stalwarts Dave Alexander and his, ahem, Marvellous Mighty MacBam Brothers and you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d have left it at that, but….

….you’d be wrong! Somehow we found the time to collate and sift through (and collate and sift yet again) the vast amount of work left behind by the late Paddy “Pudsy” Morris, thereby coaxing his long-awaited Big Book of Pudsy into mortal existence. Star Trudge, Elexender BrowneBraw! and Big Moff have come and kind of gone (if Big Moff ever even came at all, er….) and have been superceded (with the emphasis on “super”) by Rob Miller‘s own Life in the Buckfast Lane and The Headventures of Kounter Kultyur Kevn. Even now we refuse to rest on our laurels as 3-4 more titles threaten to bubble over as we head into 2014. Stay tuned in….