So what is a 'A Braw Book'? Our intention is quite simple - to gather together the output of various seasoned Scottish cartoonists into one place, a lasting testament and reward for their years of dedication, skill and application, and a vital record and starting place for the (in)experienced reader (or the simply curious).

From working with Shug ’90 on Khaki Shorts it became clear that a “career” retrospective was called for, a collection of his comics overseen by the man himself. Of course, the similar notion of undertaking the task of collating and sorting all John Miller’s work was nothing new, but as to how to approach it? Fortunately The Collected Shug ’90 set down the template, and each subsequent book contains as complete set of works as the associated artist can or wants to provide, and is presented and packaged in accordance with their vision.

What a summer, with our 2nd and 3rd John Miller books released, (that’s everything aside from the Atomic Society, Secret Agent and Super Tales comics now collected – available separately under the Evil Wee Comics imprint – see the EWC page for info), and the acclaimed debut of the long awaited Mad Mentol MacBam Brothers book at the Glasgow Comic Convention. Presently the final touches are being added to the Braw! and Big Moff comics as our team take a little break from producing whopping great books….